These are held at The Castle Primary School, Barrington Street,during April and August and provide a showcase for a huge variety of work in different styles and media.

All members are invited to submit work. This must be original and not have previously been exhibited at the TAS exhibitions. Reserves and portfolios may be re-entered. Insurance is the responsibility of each artist.

NOTE: New handing in times for the Spring 2018 Exhibition are now 10.30am to 12.00pm on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

Members are welcome to bring a guest to the preview.

Spring Exhibition Dates
SpringHanding in 3rd AprilPreview 6th April, 7.00pmExhibition 7th April - 14th April inclusive
Summer Exhibition Dates

How to present paintings for exhibitions

Rules and forms are downloadable from the website or sent out with the newsletter before exhibitions. The rules are designed to ensure we present a professional looking exhibition, to prevent damage to other paintings or the hands of the helpers during hanging and to make the system run smoothly.

ALL pictures must be READY TO HANG when taken on hand-in day.

OILS must be DRY and can be hung as a box canvas, preferably painted around the edges, or framed.

WATERCOLOURS, PASTELS AND DRAWINGS must be in a frame.  A mount must be used if the paper doesn’t fit neatly and completely into the frame.



FOR THE BACK OF ALL PICTURES:- Use string preferably, or plastic covered wire NOT plain wire which can catch on other paintings or hands.  Please do not put a knot right in the centre of the string at the back as this prevents straight hanging.


Use D Rings as shown  (NOT O rings – which stand proud and can damage other paintings)

A sticky label with details of artist and picture etc as per instructions should be somewhere on the back. The cut-out label with priority details should be attached by a long string to the D ring or string on the back to hang over the front as shown.

The reverse showing:-

  1. D Ring
  2. Hanging string
  3. Sticky Label
  4. Attachment of
  5. front label

The front:-