Paint BrushesPhoto by Miguel Á. Padriñán from PexelsPhoto by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels
TAS News

Hospital change over Sunday 28/11/2021

We are aiming to change the exhibition of members work at Tiverton District Hospital on Sunday 28/11/21.

Wendy will be collecting all the new paintings, which need to be behind glass, on the Wednesday morning sessions at Heathcoat’s Community Hall or at the AGM at St. George’s Hall on 10th November.

The work should be clearly labelled with:

  • The artists Name
  • Telephone nos. or E-Mail address
  • The Title of the work
  • Type of Media used
  • Sale Price

All the work is for sale and a 15% commission is taken out, 10% for the hospital ,5% for the society.

Members can submit up to a maximum of four pieces of work. The last date for entry will be 24th November . 

All existing work hanging at the hospital can be collected at the Wednesday morning or Monday afternoon Heathcoat sessions by prior arrangement with me after 28/11/21.

Contact Wendy via E-Mail if you have questions or require any other information.

Thank you to all participants and especially those who have waited eighteen months for the return of their work. Hopefully we can now return to a six-monthly change over schedule.