New year and work starts on organising the Spring Exhibition

Well we are now in to February of 2018, and the committee is starting to ramp up the work required for the Spring exhibition, which is held in April

There is much work to be done, and as we will be exhibiting at a new venue (but same location), we will have our work cut out to see how it all fits. We anticipate that quite a few things will change as we are a bit limited for space. This includes NOT having anything on the walls of the venue, so we will have to be creative on how we use the screens.

Certain procedures may also have to change, because we won’t have the room to do all the things we did before. We are going to have to be much stricter on how work is handed in, if pictures do not comply with the standard of stringing, labelling etc., we will not have the room to rectify these, so it will be important that members read the instructions carefully or ask for help/advice before hand.

It really is a new challenge for the committee and all who help with setting up and running the exhibition, but I’m sure, in the tradition of TAS, we’ll end up with the usual stunning exhibition!