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TAS Portrait Group – Looking for new members


Hello to all the wonderful members of our local community who share a passion for art and creativity! Are you ready to embark on a unique artistic journey that not only lets you express your creativity but also fosters a deep sense of connection and collaboration? Look no further than the TAS Portrait Group, where artists become both creators and muses.

Unleash Your Artistic Expression

At the TAS Portrait Group, we extend an enthusiastic invitation to all individuals with a fervour for art. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone who’s just starting to explore their artistic talents, we welcome you to dive into the world of portraiture with us.

Discover the Magic of Portraiture

Portraiture is an art form that captures the essence of a person – their emotions, their character, and their story. It’s a dynamic way to engage with human connections, both as an artist and as someone who appreciates the intricate narratives that each portrait holds. Our group provides a supportive environment where you can refine your portrait-making skills while delving into the captivating realm of expressions.

Becoming Both Creator and Muse

But that’s not all! The TAS Portrait Group isn’t just searching for artists; we’re also seeking individuals who are eager to step into the role of a portrait subject. By volunteering to be a model, you’re not only contributing to the world of art but also becoming a part of the creative process itself.

Benefits of Being a Model

  1. Empowerment: Embrace your unique identity and individuality as you help artists bring their visions to life.
  2. Connection: Forge meaningful connections with fellow participants who share your enthusiasm for artistic exploration.
  3. Impact: Leave a lasting impression as your portrait becomes a source of inspiration for both artists and art appreciators.
  4. Shared Experience: Immerse yourself in the joy of collaborative creativity, where artists and models come together to make something truly special.

Join the TAS Portrait Group Today

Becoming a part of the TAS Portrait Group is a simple step toward discovering the power of artistic collaboration. Whether you’re excited to hone your artistic skills or to be a part of the art-making process, we invite you to become a part of our artistic family. Your unique perspectives, stories, and energies contribute to the vibrancy of our creative endeavours.


Nestled within our local art community, the TAS Portrait Group offers a distinctive platform for artists and subjects to unite in their shared love for art and self-expression. We extend our invitation to all who wish to join us on this remarkable journey of mutual inspiration. Let’s celebrate the beauty of art and human connection together.

Reach out to us today, and become an integral thread in the rich tapestry of the TAS Portrait Group’s creative legacy. Your presence and creative spirit are the driving forces behind our artistic exploration!

To find out when are where the Portrait Group runs, pop over to our Painting Groups page.