Annie Musgrove workshop with Tiverton Art Society

Annie Musgrove Workshop

A quick review by Elaine Chetham.

On Saturday 18th March 2023, Annie gave us a very informative workshop.

In the morning we prepared our paper with gesso for painting later in the day. Three small squares for practising on and one larger piece for our final work.

Then we made sketches in charcoal using our photos. We learnt about choosing the 5 important lines for a landscape, finding the focal point, leading the eye to the focal point either by the Italian route or the Northern artists’ route. We learnt about colour experimenting, using our palette knives and … credit cards and not being afraid to take the knife to a painting.

Annie told us about the rules to follow and then those to break. Apparently you can start a painting from the middle and you don’t have to reach the edge! Many of us became more familiar with oil paints. It was an exciting day.

Jenny and I were delighted that a number of new members participated and we were encouraged by the positive remarks attendees made.