Tiverton Art Society Announces Summer Exhibition 2023
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Tiverton Art Society Announces Summer Exhibition for 2023

Attention TAS Members!

We are excited to announce that the Tiverton Art Society will be holding its first Summer art exhibition since 2019 in August 2023! This will be a fantastic opportunity for our members to showcase their artwork and for the local community to appreciate the wonderful talent that our society represents

The exhibition will be held at our usual venue, and it promises to be an exciting and diverse display of artwork created by both our amateur and professional artists. This will be a great chance to exhibit your latest creations, share your artistic vision with others, and to see the inspiring works of fellow members.

The exhibition will be organised by a dedicated group of TAS members, and we are confident that it will be a wonderful showcase of the unique and creative art that our society is known for. We are expecting a great turnout, and we encourage all members to participate by submitting your artwork for display.

The Tiverton Art Society has always been dedicated to promoting the visual arts in our local community, and this exhibition is just another example of that commitment. Our society has a rich history of supporting artists and providing opportunities for artistic growth and development, and we are excited to continue that tradition with this upcoming exhibition.

We will be providing additional information about the exhibition in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates on the submission process, opening hours, and other related details.

We hope that all of our members are as excited as we are for this upcoming exhibition, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful works of art that will be on display.

For information about dates, visit the Exhibitions page.