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Art events at Powderham Castle 2022

Arts Month – May 2022 (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)

Arts Month -Frequently Asked Questions
Run by Anna FitzGerald, Madalen Dixon and Powderham Castle.
Is it free?
To enter the castle grounds, and parking is all free if you have booked through us. You will be given a lanyard to wear.
Do I need to book?
Before you arrive it is important you confirm your date by email. ( .Any Sunday Monday or Tuesday in May. We do not want you to arrive and be turned away.
Do I have to arrive at 10 and stay for the day?
Anytime between 10 and 4 it’s up to you. We are hoping you manage to complete your sketches, painting, planning all in one day. But if you need another or if the weather turns bad, please contact Anna or Maddy
What do I need to bring?
The castle grounds are open this time for arts month. There is a cafe on site. The toilets are up in the castle courtyard. Please bring all the equipment you need. Dress ready for a day outside, sun or rain.
Who can you bring?
Come alone or bring arty friends who want to be creative, but remember it is not a family day out so please bring only artists, not nana and her friends! Dogs on leads are welcome too.
Where can I go?
Most of the grounds will be open to the public, not the dear park or inside the castle unless you book a tour at the ticket office. Check out Powderham Castles website for more info.
What do I do when I arrive?
After signing in at the welcome centre, Head to the gallery which is sited in the castle courtyard, you will be given a lanyard to wear. You can use the gallery as your base and leave coats and bags here.

September Exhibition

  • The exhibition is still in the planning stages. So things may vary but….
  • The theme this year is Powderham Estate
  • The artworks exhibited must be created on or inspired by the Powderham Art Month
  • To enter is free. Commission is 25% If you wish to sell
  • There will be stewarding opportunities. But art@powderham plan to steward the event
  • There will be a private view, and art networking day

Art Groups

art@powderham are very aware of how art groups have suffered during covid. This year art@powderham are providing designated areas (6 meters wall and a table if needed) in the main exhibition. If you would like to show case your art group please ask them to email it is on a first come first booked basis. There are only 6 slots available in total.

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