2023 TAS Workshops

TAS Workshops – 2023

The TAS workshop team have started to put together workshops for 2023.

Keep an eye out at members meetings and on any TAS emails for signing up details in the coming months.

But for now, make a note in your diary.

Owen Williams “Seascapes”

August 19th 10am – 4pm, Heathcoat Community Centre, Tiverton

When I tell people that I teach painting and drawing the most commonly heard statement is ‘oh I can’t draw…! It would be wasted on me!’ However I think if you can write then you can draw. It’s not always about reproducing a photographic likeness, it’s about your interpretation and I think it’s my job to help my students to find their way of interpreting what they see or feel and learn how to discard any concerns about what other people may or may not think about it.